CRANEbee lifts your operational planning to the next level. Our Partners We work closely with numerous renowned manufacturers, universities and research institutions as an independent software partner. Bee smart Reduce your transport and setup costs. We have the solution for difficult spatial conditions, a given lifting capacity and often critical ground conditions. Product design and manufacturing. More information about Cranimation. This has forced craniMAX to change its business model to ensure that all installed licences always have access to the newest features.


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Arjinder Sing, operations manager of the company, is also impressed by the software: The craniMAX software suite will be distributed and supported by Bricsys on four continents. Our trainers will lead you to greater knowledge — with individual concepts and crnaimax training adapted to your level of knowledge.

Cranes on computer

Extend your crane database with high-precision, specifically-developed and interactive 3D crane models. Win orders with the optimal crane selection. Users have a personal profile page where they can see their fleet, as well as the newest cranes available.

Bee smart Reduce your transport and setup costs. About News Press releases. Jump to page content Accessibility. Graphical design and recording of all essential parameters. Cranima planning tool may find that I can do crannimax job with a smaller crane, which is cheaper, or remove 20—30t counterweight, reducing transportation costs. Compelo Ltd Registered Office: React quickly and flexibly to changes on site. Simply transfer your crane planning into a CAD system supported by our software.



Cranimation allows designers to move digital models of cranes within their degrees- of-freedom. Crane models More than manufacturer-independent crane models are available for the programme.

Cranimax Tower Manager tower crane data entry window – Image – Cranes Today

All adjustments of a parameter lead to a complete recalculation of ground bearing pressure, crane geometry and the setup conditions required.

The Crane Manager designer 3D module allows the user to transfer, with a simple mouse click, its entire pre-planning, or just a single crane, into a 3D CAD system to continue with further processing within an existing drawing, or one created by a user or customer. The Cranimation software uses Bricscad V9 to show immediately outrigger loads and ground pressure through duty charts.

Software has become a vital tool in detailed crane-job planning. P rcanimax a crane job requires a complex preparation. Moreover, CRANEbee helps you to exceed all safety standards and to win over customers with professional planning.

Stick to the plan 21 March It has totally different mathematics from crabimax other crawler crane of the same manufacturer. What our Customers say. The software provider says that it has reduced the required knowledge for 3D CAD to a minimum, ensuring ease of use.


Project management platform for construction.

From concept to model in minutes. Contact us Privacy Cookie Policy. Cranimxa Bricscad V9 as our new graphical engine, we can deliver unmatched simulation capabilities in areas where planning of this kind is crucial and mission-critical. Crucial planning In the past, the software was updated with new functions every three years, but with the rate of innovation, it became necessary to increase the frequency of updates.


A ten or year-old t mobile telescopic crane provides about 8,—10, different combinations, while a model coming out these days has 50, or more. With Bricscad V9, the software enables a realistic representation of resource scheduling and provides collision detection. Thanks to our direct crannimax with all major crane manufacturers, we have the most complete software suite in the field. Press contact Don Strimbu press bricsys.