Anonymous January 18, at They even get on here saying that el chapo and el mayo are mad and this and that making up whatever they can! I might get kidnapped or robbed. Add to Wish List. If ur Mexican and u know what corridos are you’ll know and understand what corridos are it’s not just a beat to dance to its real life stories of the cartels in Mexico. El Guero rey del pop El Guero rey del pop.

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Anonymous August 8, at 8: They right away start making up shit!

El Guero rey del pop by Codigo FN on Amazon Music –

Anonymous December 19, at 8: It’s their stronghold, where they play. So if real,it’s gonna get dirty and dangerous,so innocents,watch yourselves,and don’t take anything for granted. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Excuse the pun, pero esta cabron.

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Ser la funda de un Zeta!! EL JL July 26, at Metro Tres,had his down,and was gettin called a snitch.

Thanks for reading y buenas noches compatriotas de Mejico. They know how to orchestrate the so called war on drugs. Chapo ain’t going rrey do shit! Why do they keep calling them snitches, from what I see CDS know how to use their resources, Rej you pay off your local official they are under your command, If other drug enterprises are too stupid to make deals with the government, like in the USA that’s their fault, anything is fair game.


Dsl December 18, at 8: Que es peor que ser un Zeta?? That is what the zetas want is war that’s why they’re bringin them in! These two were in the “drug game” and they paid the price. Everyone says in El guero rey del pop, shit’s heated up like a cazo full of carnitas. Ya valio verga a ustedes putos I still cant rfy Chapo killing his own nephew,but if Alfredo Beltran Jr keeps on pushing his involvement in his fathers cartel than I could see Chapo doing something about it. You see Gente Nueva,they left a message saying they were in position there and were going to start cleaning the plaza.

Could be wrong,maybe they on the DL. For ur info michoacan is controlled by CT from what I hear and Guerrero is up for grabs. Guzman va ganar la guerra. Anonymous December 16, at 6: Anonymous December 16, at 9: From the Album 20 Narco Corrido. Anonymous December 22, cel 2: Anonymous March 4, at Additional taxes may apply.


Los Recuerdos Del Chapo Lyrics Codigo FN ※ Mojim Lyrics

What is worst than being a Zeta?? Let us know when you’re calling them in! Anonymous December 15, at But there Is probably a better chance of that dead corpse getting the other pp corpse next to him pregnant than anyNarco big shots declaring a Truce!!!!!

Its payback,you guys rembered when chapo killed vicente carillo nephew and where was it at??????? Or is that a joke?