The other is to launch elf files in either mcx: DVD-R should also work fine. Short tutorial for homebrew apps launching from DVD: Overview Extra Info Discussion. All will let you access dvdv patched, burned games and not only games. The third is “dvd direct off” version, which is almost the same as the “dvd direct” but will disable ESR after first full successful IOP reset think about it as “mode 3” in hdloader. Put all necessary DVDV structure files.

esr disc patcher v0.1

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If you like to modify it – ask first. It doesn’t contain any copyrighted materials. So take a note that the software is still in beta stage. Use good quality media, so you won’t have to submit nonexistent bugs! NianderJul 5, Share This Page Tweet. It’s intended to be used with homebrew applications as well as backups of legally owned games and applications.

CD games can be played only after converting to DVD not all are easy to do No, create an account now. Make sure you’ve changed it manually or selected it to set the booktype automatically in your burning software.


esr disc patcher v0.1

All should have similar compatibility with obvious ese for “off” version. Dec 29, Messages: ELF, whete mcx is either mc0 or mc1 and? Attached also bootsector’s Java GUI 0.

It will help me keep bug reports clean and understandable. Yes, my password is: Some unknown erros may ocurr.

The project is written from scratch and homebrew ps2sdk has been used. Download in attachment below.

PlayStation 2 Soft-mod

Intermediate iop replacement images are written if needed to 0x Game ID and iop replacement image version it uses, steps that will be helpful to reproduce the bug, what colors flashed on screen and how many times red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, dsc.

DVD9 games can be played. ESR beta r9b coded by ffgriever. Put your original game in drive and make image of it.

PS2 – ESR | PSX-Place

It’s necessary to keep the same nomenclature and version numbers. Now run the second file mcard version. Now, the last, but also very important notice: ESR has been tested quite a lot, but some big changes were made recently. Take a note, that current releases will not work with mrbrown’s ps1 exploit.


All versions should have the same compatibility. Your name or email address: Maybe your changes can make into the official release Also, until stable version is made, do not embed ESR in other applications.

esr disc patcher v0.1

The homebrew compatibility is worse. Author is not responsible for any damage caused by the software.

esr disc patcher v0.1

It’s because some homebrew applications will try to use the same memory that ESR uses.