Materials should be compatible with the expected chemical composition of the geothermal fluids and any combinations that can be expected to occur in the condensing process. Condenser Tubes Stress Values If additional allowances are desired, they shall be specified by the Purchaser. Higher allowable values shall be based on classification of the stresses into primary and secondary categories as given in that code. Spring supported expansion joint solid mounted A6. Value of yield strength associated with the applicable load combination or stress combination. Refer to Figure 44 for nomenclature.

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These ratios are for venting equipment rated at 1 in.

By cascading from the lower to the higher pressure shell, condensate can be heated to the saturated thermodynamic conditions of that shell. It shall be used only for local cleaning of oily type contamina nts. Missing hei 2629 check valve Where vacuum hei 2629 in top of boxes and piping high points once through siphon systems 6229 vacuum check valve on air release valves. A secondary location may be the hotwell, but this area may not be large enough to accept the total quantity ofsteam.

HEI 2629-2012 (E11) Standards for Steam Surface Condensers

These tables are based on air leakage only and the air vapor mixture at 1 inch HgA and 7l. Consideration shall be given to the use of ties across the circulating water nozzle expansion joints, or an hei 2629 load limiting device giving due consideration to thermal movements. The resulting HEI condenser performance standard achieved its intended mission. The following formula insures that structural integrity is maintained. The spacing oflongitudinal stiffeners shall not exceed: Minimum total thickness “.


Main expansion joint suppliers may also have temperature limits, which need to be taken into account. Calculate piping system air release and check vent size. Maximum length of any single indentation is 2 inches. The method defined above calculates allowable span on basis of deflection equivalent to approximately nominal ligament.

hei 2629

HEI | Standards for Steam Surface Condensers | Document Center, Inc.

OoF range and hei 2629 designs can be estimated using 26229 following equations: In addition to hydrostatic pressure, loadings which must be considered include forces and moments imposed on the water box by piping, by dead weight of the water box and its contents, and by effects of differential thermal expansion. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Hei 2629 addition, service conditions shall be supplied i.

Methods have been developed by various Manufacturers which have been demonstrated to provide reasonable solutions of the heat transfer phenomenon. In the case of internal rings, the section providing the required moment of inertia must have corrosion allowance ” added to all wetted surfaces.

FH X N Where: The fusion line must be visible.

Holes for the tubes shall be drilled in accordance with paragraph 8. Minimum drain hole size shall be 0. Generally, a geothermal hotwell will not provide reheating of hei 2629 condensate. When operating at or near full load, condensers hei 2629 produce very little sub-cooling temperature depression. Condenser Tube Cleaning Tech Sheet Personnel grating, ladder hei 2629 and grab bars. The tube sheet pattern fixes the steam flow area into the tube bundle. Possibly alleviated with steam sparging in hotwell Broken or loose components inside the condenser Repair broken or loose components Water hammer impact inside the water box Check for proper operation of cooling water system Worn or damaged internal connection baffies or spray pipes Inspect connections for damage.


Table6C r 12 For cases where intermediate support plates are added in existing designs, the loading applicable to the original design should be the sole basis for determining tube stresses.

The capacity of the device is dependent on the effectiveness of the turbine gland seals, the volume of the condenser shells, turbine hei 2629, and associated ducting as well as the time desired for such reduction.

In addition, they must support tube bundle static weight and the weight of any heaters or piping and support structure attached to them.