O rampart of the realm of India! Rehna It is best for you not to remain indiferent to yours own O apathetic person! Make every particle of the garden a martyr to search! This one thing that Adam is not without the Purpose— A manifold life, a manifold leisure! Act on Muslim law and rites, or sit in fane like acolytes:

hua wada shikan

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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Songs Lyric: December

In our world now the sword has no more virtue. I did not know that Knowledge is a tree that bears no fruit.

hua wada shikan

Kaya rahon gurbat mein khush, jab hua hwadis ka ye hal Namah lata hai, watan se, namah bar aksar khula Uski ummat mein hon main, maire rahain kiyon kam band Waste jis shahei ke, Ghalib! This is not to say that Iqbal Ideas are universally accepted.

What is that melody worth, shika hides itself in the silent chords of the harp. Allama Iqbal is one of them. He was buried in Lahore where Minar-e-Pakistan stand to bear witness to the inside and prudence of this great “poet of the east”.


Each of them helps sustain and strengthen the other. Is this a dream I see or is this for real! Though I am not good at Urdu, its not my mother tounge, but I have made an attempt to translate it. The Subcontinent wara through the hardest phase of its history during Iqbal’s lifetime. As soon as your eyes opened, the spark of desire shone out.

He is an integrated whole. The throne as well as the mat, alike are full of guile and craft: On him who merits well I set the brightest diadem, And those who truly questing come, a new world waits for them.

I appear to be a foolish adolescent, but I am also a baby! Why is material world beyond my reach? Iqbal tried to reawaken them from the wda slumber of luxurious ease. I believe in the destiny of my Millat My Community! The ecstasy of the new shika is not a sin. It knows nothing of God.

My vision has a taint of the Western style; I am a Ghaznavi by temper, but my fate is that of an Ayaz! As regard to the conditions of employment their declared policy was to recruit non-Muslims only. Wan who gharooregazze naaz, yan ye hijabe pas waza Raah mein hum milein kahan, bazam mein who bulaye kiyon! A examination in philosophy. Your design is incomplete. How long this clash between church and state? Nothing of the burning and making of the Muslims is hidden from me. Jalta hai dilki kiyon na hum ek bar jal gai Ai na tamami nafse shoal bare haif!


It would be no surprise from a traveler who thinks too much. In a literal translation, what makes Urdu poetry lyrically soar high would turn into some driest bunch of words thrown together.

ay wada shikan dailymotion

Iqbal has been acclaimed as the national poet of Pakistan. This cutting sword as yet rests in the sheath!

hua wada shikan

The year was the year of absolute victory for the British in India. Khoone khalq Lerze hai mauje mai teri raftar daikh ker Wahasrata! There is no chief to lead and guide. And whose lives write them clearly down As servers of the time?