As you sow, so you reap. Attempting to understand God is ignorance. Hanuman, by being always connected to his Lord, transformed from a monkey to personification of divinity. Which means, before the first stimulus, there was unison between the form and the formless; man was with God. How did the prophecies of enlightened masters, the logic of the mathematicians, the discoveries and inventions of the scientists, the thoughts and ideas of the philosophers, the history of the history makers, etc. It could be your friends from whom you imbibed your attitudes and character; it could be your professional mentors who shaped your competence; it could be your trainers who developed your skill sets; it could be your school and college teachers who groomed your knowledge; it could be your Guru through whom you had your spiritual initiation; why, it could even be a child who has impacted you in ways no other has.

infinitheism prayer

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Unless your beliefs expand, your life cannot expand. Who have been the cultural bridge from one generation to another? Faith is beyond human judgement.

infiniprayer- The Universal Prayer – By infinitheism on Vimeo

The physical manifestation of the intention is the action and the psychological source of action is the intention. Some religions claim, see all forms in that one God. Isn’t it evident that His grace is prevailing over you in infinitheosm moment of your existence!

So too in surrender, you are giving up the lower self in order to gain the higher self. Who made this possible? So, I need you.


As human beings, we have come a long way from the cavemen we were to what we are infinitheiam.

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There is a difference between knowing God and knowing about God. In the great epic of Mahabharata, the vicious Kauravas, in one of their numerous ways in conniving to humiliate the Pandavas, sought to outrage the modesty of Draupati.

What part are you going to play in this journey of the evolution of human consciousness?

In fact, it is your faith that is making your God work. History suggests that one man is enough to be a turning point in this world. Which means, before the first stimulus, there was unison between the form and the formless; man was with God.

infinitheism prayer

Feeling thy radiance in the infiniprayer is your way of expressing your gratitude to that Cosmic source, for touching your life through a chosen instrument called teacher.

Isn’t the mud pot just another form of the mud? That’s why, “And I am always connected to you…” Simply put, to experience the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresence… you’ve got to be omniconnected… always connected. God is to be felt.

There is no rewind option in life. It is not the ‘object of faith’, but ‘faith’ that creates miracles.


Faith is in knowing that the Force that brought you to it will also carry you through it. The drop of protoplasm, that’s formed when the sperm enters the egg, grows into a foetus in the womb of the mother, only when it comes in contact with that formless source of life.


Transcendence is sacred, for it is in transcendence that life reveals the higher glories of man.

infinitheism prayer

Lead me higher in maturity You are given life, to add something to life. God can neither be defined nor confined.

Even messengers and messiahs of God shall not be exempted from it. Feeling Thy grace Feeling the protective womb of existence shielding and taking care of me at prajer moment Life is governed by an Existential Order. Life itself isn’t secure.

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History is full of many such one-man armies, where one human being, in one lifetime, by the way they lived their life they changed something about the world forever. If you are not aligned to gravity, you will fall, even if you have been the saviour of humanity. A teacher is a Cosmic representation in your life. Do what you never thought you can.

The heart of a seeker towards his teacher is more important than the heart of a teacher towards his seeker.

infinitheism prayer

So the fifth line in the infiniprayer – You are my path and destination. Faith is the ability to trust what you are not able to see.