Very lively and good characterisation. Vickram Android Apps are there for sivagamiyin sabadham, parthiban kanavu and Ponniyin selvan. Finished the 3d part in Oct , and now the heat begins Author tried her best to keep the spirit of the original by retaining few tamil words. It varies from dance to art, spying to war and each part of the entire novel gives the thrilling moment to read on. According to my personal opinion It would be the second best of kalki after ponniyin selvan. What a thrilling journey!!

kalkiyin sivagamiyin sabatham

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But I was trapped by his writing and I lost my dinner that night and finally put down the book after Rich in historical facts, accurate sabathzm it’s narration; the book nevertheless has sabatam feel of an excellent spy thriller, which incidentally it is, in a way.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Sabathxm and Privacy Policy. The best character is Mahendravarma Pallavan. Sivagami is united with her aging father. All four books deserved 5 stars. The book is very well researched and it is like living in that period. I can’t stop pondering over the fact that today we have such popular novels like lord of the rings, harry potter and game of thrones and amazing on screen adaptations of these too.

Sivagamiyin Sapatham – Wikipedia

Straight at the famous sculptor Aayanar and his danseuse saatham, Sivakami, who were returning from her arangetram that was stopped midway due to the king Mahendra Pallavar having to leave after hearing some urgent news.


My first and best book ever. This is something beyond to be reviewed. The romance between Narasimhavarman further blossoms with Sivagami getting convinced that the prince would eventually marry her even kalkiuin she is a poor sculptor’s daughter. Off to Volume 3. Paranjothi feels disturbed with war and the cost that humans have to pay and announces that he taking the life of a Saivite and takes up the name Siruthondar.

kalkiyin sivagamiyin sabatham

In the end the commander takes away a statue of Vigneswara from Badami and establishes it in his native village of Thiruchengattangudi. The historical characters in this novel are Mahendra Pallava, his son the great Narasimha Pallava, his army commander Paranjyoti, who later becomes a famed shiva devotee called Siruthondar, Pulikesi II of Badami and others. You can get it in play store. I’ve never been to Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuran or Vathapi, but now I feel like I’ve been there for long!

The novel created widespread interest in Tamil history when it was being published in the s.

No ideal characters distilled of goodness. He orders Narasimhavarman to avenge this shame to the Pallava dynasty and rescue Sivagami from the clutches of the Pulikesi. The Pallava dynasty has accomplished so much that you are not sure why they are not given their due credit in the Indian history. Feb 28, Mohan Iyer rated it it was amazing. This article contains very little context, or is unclear to readers who know little about the book.

kalkiyin sivagamiyin sabatham

Special mention for the audio book. What a thrilling journey!!

kalkiyin sivagamiyin sabatham

Only Kalki can blended fictional characters – Naganandhi and Sivakami – with real history though his reading at that point in time, it correlates well with Tamil literature of that time the way he has done. Book Giveaway 1 32 May 11, Believed by some to be one of the first historical novels in Tamil it was originally serialized in the weekly Kalki magazine for about 12 years.


But this growing romance between the prince and the sculptor’s daughter does not have the approval of the king. Among many historical and fictional characters, Thirunaavukkarasar, a religious head of famous saiva traditions, who has written thousands of poems in praise of Lord Siva in Devaram, also is featured in this novel.

Kalkiyin Sivagamiyin Sabatham (Tamil)

And we also meet Paranjothi, the kzlkiyin whom fate destines to be the commander of the Pallava army and friend of Narasimhavarman. Going for Parthiban Kanavu. Books focus around the all consuming love between Narasimhavarman and Sivagami, Paranjothi’s adventure and Mahendravaraman’s strategy to protect his kingdom.

And the imperfections make them memorable. Naganandhi believes that he should be ruling the country, something he forsook when he took up the Buddhist way of life. This historical tamil novel by Kalki Krishnamoorthy is based on incidents in Tamilnadu that took place during 7th century AD.