Recent Posts Coming Soon: Ying and Yan Read More. These stories contain top notch writing with contributors ranging from heavy hitters like Bentley Little, John Everson, Kealan Patrick Burke, and Gary Braunbeck, to others who could be considered obscure. Last flicker for independence Read More. That was what my weekend was like after reading Horror Library, Volume 2 , the latest multi author anthology from Cutting Block Press. Their busy, and invariably rich, clients leave healthy and satisfied with the toys Buttons gives them.

kalu kumaraya novel

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kalu kumaraya novel

Some are almost gothic. This is a spine tingling tale that had me engrossed from the first paragraph. Adding to my kzlu is the continuous change of pacing from story to story, the different narrative styles of the authors, and most importantly, the varying quality of one story to the next.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Luke gets lost in a snowstorm in a broke-down car. Uncategorized writing on April 25, at Again, this myth was perhaps spread for two reasons, one to stop people going out at night gamblers and drunkards and the other to restrain grave robbers and other weird humans like those who practised necrophilia- the act of sex with dead bodies, which is disgusting. This story shows you why none of ever managed to stay very long. It could also be just another story of a man twisted by his childhood into acting out against humanity.


Irene Cole Thoughts From Irene.

Social issues within ancient Sri Lankan folklore

At times, the prose is stunning, at others, over the top, leaving the reader fighting to follow the story beneath the words. By compiling these works into a single volume, the editor presents humanity as something hopeless and lost.

Horror anthologies over the last several years have not been traditionally big sellers for the large publishing houses and thankfully the small press has come to the rescue for those that enjoy reading them. It feels like an explanation, a set-up for a longer piece, but the spinning dizziness of a tilted world runs the show.

Cavender assembles 30 new short stories for this third installment of the Horror Library series. Cavender open with an introductory story that bears a warning: Social issues within ancient Sri Lankan folklore. The story reads effortlessly, its parts blended together like a fine recipe.

Well Worth A Read: April

Last flicker for independence Read More. Cavender and Boyd E. The tense, chilling story of four women haunted by a childhood trauma. Clara Chandler — Blood: Once again, a demonstration of how very difficult it is to make an extremely short story satisfying.

Kalu kumaraya novel

Also being an employee of Sri Lanka Telecom, I would like to say a special word of thanks to Mr Lalith De Silva, the Group Chief Executive Officer and the management for creating an encouraging and enabling environment for people like us”, Kumara Kamburupitiya, the author commented.

The origin of the word fear- false expectation about reality, will itself show that most of what is feared in this context is really not true some may agree to disagree. Too bad they were too drunk to notice aklu everyone else in the bar was missing limbs.


All the stories in this anthology are fine examples of and additions to the genre of horror.

In this legend there was a bear hunter from Ritigala named Jayasena, who very boldly hunted alone. A story from the suffer-and-die school, this one moves along in extended sex-joke mode as its beach-combing protagonist suffers a mysterious rotting disease in the space of about two-and-a-half pages.

The Kindle version was released January What we have at the beginning of this story is a cancer-stricken protagonist returning to the U. Read all of the reviews here.

He is very passionate about writing novels, short stories and poems in the Sinhala language. Some stories, after all, are much, much more about the simple nature of their events than they are about things deep and profound. So you read on, waiting to get to the soft, worm-eaten spot in the wood.

kalu kumaraya novel

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