This string is the word “pass” in MD5. Monetize osDate with CometChat and its features. This is Russial language file, fully translated. The following files have been patched in the 1. Serbian translation Contributed by Zera Princ for osDate version 2. Network Monitor Sniffer Contributed by luolu for osDate version 2. To use best available patching and diffing tecnology unix users little have to do, just read diff and patch

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If osDate is sodate on a live server non-local serverosdate your browser’s addressbar you will type in: There are, possibly, little mistakes or not-so-proper translations, but, without changing tpl files it’s best possible. The second type of popup only appears when a user clicks on a link to initiate the popup.

Install osDate

All online osdate are displayed when there is no friends system in your site. Many removed orthographical faults. Osdate of fake user profiles set up to scam, spam and defraud your osdate members? Language Italian Contributed by Skyline for osDate version 1. This server is not accessible to other people who access the internet, unless you have set the configurations for people to do so.


Did my best, seems that everything is well translated.

osDate Chat Plugin | osDate Audio Video Chat Module – CometChat

The upgrader will not remove any tables or fields. There are two types of popups: If you do not change these immediately after installation of osDate, your system will be vulnerable to malicious users who happen to osdate that you’re using osDate for osdate dating system.

Serbian Osdate for Osdate 1. When all items show “Yes”, click “Continue” to continue to step 2. I did my best. If you observe any errors after clicking Continue in Step 2, then you will need to correct them before continuing. The messaging is powerful, granular and an admins dream. Dutch Language file Contributed by Misterfyc for osdate version 0. CometChat automatically synchronizes with your site’s friends system.


osdate – install

Brought osdate you by http: Patch to upgrade osDate from 2. Want a different look for your dating site? Using your FTP Client, right click on a folder or file, in the pop-up menu, click on properties, and there the properties CHMOD for that file or folder will be displayed.

The user sees the message with a small textbox where a reply can be entered. There was a osdate patch necessary for transfering user-images from the database to the filesystem. On live webservers you might get an error screen, telling you to delete a list of files and folders and then to click Osdate osDate. I sent the incomplete pack. The popup closes when the reply is sent. What you do now is this:.


List of UK postcodes for V1. Not sure if it is complete but it’s huge. The translate to babroo have a litle error. I have updated the latest danish language pack to look osdatr better and corrected misspells and finally made it so paypal will accept the danish currency. Osdate see the attached readme. All states for countries Contributed by Webcamica for osDate version 2.

Rather leave it ksdate the whole installation has completed successfully and then load the other languages you want osdate install from the Admin Page.