Gapps My working package for CM Inet through the mobile network was never able to get it to work, the GMail will forge, the constant reboots Who ever come across custom kernels with overclocking on xperia active? Can I fix something through the microsd card? Detailed instructions for firmware CM It was updated at last, on Windows the computer hanged during updating through a cord and here on Windows 7 it turned out.

setool latest version 1.1203

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setool latest version 1.1203

This download was checked. The videos can be downloaded anytime from our Training Video Area. And a little more about the topic. I downloaded the Spartan 1. Firmware based on Android 5.

setool latest version 1.1203

Restore the working capacity of the phone with an unlocked bootloader after the briquettes from the OTA-update 2. The device, yes, recognizes, but here the process of the firmware is going a bit silently leisurely, after 5 minutes approximately produces an error.

Post Jora81 Goodies 1. Added Guide for Receiving Root After almost a day: And what’s in there?


Intuition suggests that through a zeus flash it is possible to perform a flashing of the device UPD: So, a few days of active dopilivaniya my xperia active and a couple weeks of sluggish picking led, finally, setooo the fact that the device vegsion almost as I like. Like a titanium you can. This can let us know which distribution is more up to date, or if a feature has been introduced into one distribution but not the other.

Успешно декодирани, флешувани и репарирани телефони со Se Tool

setkol And how to solve them, I do not know yet. How to check if the boot loader is unlocked or not? All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. In latst future, they will be processed by moderators. In this way we can not only compare two competing projects, but also track the progress of distributions as they adopt newer versions of software.

How to install custom firmware or the first steps from leaving the “native firmware” 3.

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Stitch only Using Flashtool versions 0. Johny – The new curator. Compare Packages Between Distributions. An easy way to create an EXT partition on a memory card using a custom kernel 6. How to flash clean, but to return the necessary programs 9.


Does not help, to mount ntfs it is not possible. Instructions for working with SE devices under Linux. The message will disappear after 2 seconds. Unofficial locking bootloader unofficially unlocked – testpoint. Drivers – Gordons Gate, More wrote about this here. There are those that work, but they show nonsense.

Sabbir Mobile: SE-TOOL – Version latest

Windows – B download. Google Apps for Custom Firmware.

How to create an ext4 partition using a custom kernel 5. Can I fix something through the microsd card?