Recurring is a great starting point to give you an idea of the what the album is going to be like. Also, Bonobo’s old albums are really good. Things I Lost Terrapin is one of my all time favorites. Another thing I love about his Bad Vibes and Places releases is how the percussion is very textured- he takes ordinary things and makes really complex and moody textures with them. Let’s talk about Shlohmo’s earlier stuff, especially the Places EP.

shlohmo places ep

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Don’t be a bigot. Do search before posting. Futurebeats is a place to share and discuss experimental beat music from all genres and eras. The chilled product of a snowed-in weekend in the Swiss Alps, the debut EP from this ambient duo is a winter wonderland in and of itself.

It’s still a different blend of trip-hop than shlohmo, but I think if you like the vibes of the Places EP, then you can definitely appreciate these two. Let’s talk about Shlohmo’s earlier stuff, especially shlohhmo Places EP. Don’t post your own work outside of the weekly self-promotion threads.


I’ll be looking into these guys for sure.

Throwback Track: Shlohmo – Places

I was so blown away by that release and I feel like that one just kind of brushed under the rug. Partway between synthwave and synth-pop, these shlojmo jams were designed for mooning over your crush at the mall food court.

I found the Places EP shlojmo couple months back and holy shit, it’s so good at capturing so many fleeting feelings in a concrete way. Want to add to the discussion? Tom Rainford places such a good tune and great samples! Recurring is a great starting point to give you an idea of the what the album is going to be like.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Whities by Overmono.

shlohmo places ep

Don’t post links to blogspam or click-skimmers. Or browse results titled:. You should check out Burial’s LP Untrue.

Shlohmo’s happy places

The Texas-born producer pays glorious, dizzying tribute to chopped-n-screwed rap, Detroit house, Miami bass, and even Aughts rap classics. New to this subreddit?

I’ll have to check it out later! Feel free to contextualize and poeticize briefly!

shlohmo places ep

Those subdued but deep vocals, that wailing synth sound, gahd stahp. Shlohmo Los Angeles, California. If you like Shlohmo, you may also like: Are there any other artists like this who have a kind of ambient soundscape type thing besides BOC? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


Don’t monopolize or co-opt. Also, Bonobo’s old albums are really good. No problem dude, and I made a mistake on the second recommendation for Bonobo, that song is off of his Days to Come Album, but Dial M for Monkey still has some really great songs. I’ve been looking for an upload but can’t find anything.

shlohmo places ep

I wouldn’t say it’s that similar to Bad Vibes. Things I Lost Listen to Shell of Light, the end of that track is amazing, and Shlohmo actually used the ending as the basis for his remix of the track.

My favorite song from there has to be D Song, grooviest bass line!